Hanni El Khatib – Music To Crash Cars & Knife Fight By

Thanks to the very cool folks over at The Wilcox Sessions for putting this video together:

Now I don’t have any proof. But if I had to guess, I’d say Jack White has torturous wet dreams about being Hanni El Khatib. How can you listen to this guy, then go out and buy a Jack White album without feeling like you just looked rock n roll dead in the face and told it to go handjob itself?  I think Jack would agree.

Now I tend to shy away from conspiracy theories. But I’m struggling to find an explanation that doesn’t involve nefarious forces to justify why Hanni still isn’t one of the biggest acts in the country. The only semi-plausible explanation I’ve heard involves the UN. But that would mean the UN would have to establish a plan, agree on it and then fully execute it.  And that sounds like too much of a stretch to me.  Thanks are due to our local Innovative Leisure for helping him get his records out of his head into our hands.

Oh, and if you wanted to see him let loose, here he is whipping some kids into a frenzy over at the Kibbitz:

If you’re still not convinced that he’s one of our few rollicking saviors, go here if you’d like a glimpse of what The White Stripe sees in his nightmares — but give him about a minute to warm up.

— or you can try Simon Cahn & Ricky Saiz‘s entertaining video for “Come Alive”.

— or maybe take a spin with Cahn’s very cool but slightly adult video for “F–k It, You Win”.

P.S. Dan Lee is a pretty, cool dude.
[that comma was 100% intentional. — ed.]


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